You have not received GraceWaves in your e-mail for the last few weeks because some server somewhere considers it spam. I know it's hard to believe that anything or anyone would consider my writing to be spam, but it's true. I cannot begin to explain the problem, but trust me that the entire international GraceWaves IT department is working non-stop to fix the problem.

Thanks for your patience, and please pray for mine.

Dr. Terry Ellis

October 5, 2014

  1. Thank goodness it's just a technical problem. I too thought I had been deleted form your mailing list! Dr. Ellis, you make Monday mornings something I look forward to.
    I hope you and yours are well. You are still missed in Mobile, AL.

  2. Happy Monday Terry!
    I'm just so relieved that you didn't delete me from your mailing list! Even though I've been going to the website to get the GraceWaves, it's just different when it's waiting for you in your inbox on Monday morning. Thank you for continuing this ministry. My prayers will be added to the long list of them I know God is receiving for both you and GraceWaves!
    Have a wonderful week,

    • Thank you Eva! Hopefully I'll be able to send the e-mail letters by next week. Have a great week.