"Terry Ellis is a model for young preachers: in writing, thinking, and especially preaching. These weekly columns on grace demonstrate his skill with language and his insight into things of the spirit. Read them regularly, like I do, and they will bless you."
Dr. Dwight Moody
Founder and President,
Academy of Preachers

"Terry Ellis’ words, whether written or spoken, touch the heart,challenge the mind, and inspire appreciation for God's amazing grace."
Rev. Chris George
Pastor, First Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

“Terry Ellis is a gifted communicator, a rare combination of warm,authentic grace and keen, spiritual truth. Hear and read his words at your own risk because his messages go far beyond surface platitudes—you’ll be inspired, equipped, and challenged.”
Jennifer Degler, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach
Co-Author of No More Christian Nice Girl

"In today’s critical and punitive society, Terry Ellis refreshes us with the true meaning of the beautiful grace of God, not only as a gift to be openly received but an offering to be lavishly shared. Terry truly has a personal understanding of the Grace of Christ and the ability to convey the concept in practical ways."
Rev. Terry Richey
Executive Pastor, Spring Hill Baptist Church
Mobile, Alabama

“Gracewaves gives us real life examples of how grace works. For some ministers, grace is merely a doctrine to be affirmed. In his writing, teaching, and preaching, Dr. Terry Ellis helps us understand that grace is much bigger than we have imagined… a magnanimous gift from God to be accepted and applied to daily living. You can’t just believe in it. Terry helps us experience it and discover that grace really is the gift that keeps on giving.”
Dr. Barry Howard, Senior Minister
First Baptist Church
500 North Palafox
Pensacola, Florida 32504

“GraceWaves is rich in teaching, challenging and refreshing… grounded in Biblical theology. In the winters of my life, GraceWaves warms my soul, and in the hot dry summers, GraceWaves is like a fresh cool breath from God. Each week, Terry helps me to receive a new understanding of God, His grace and how I am to be gracious to others.
Wallace T. Davis, Ph.D.
President and CEO,
Volunteers of America Southeast

"Each week, I look forward to reading the latest words of encouragement and hope from this gifted writer and colleague. They are just what I need to hear and share with others."
Dr. Bob Browning, Pastor
Smoke Rise Baptist Church
Stone Mountain, GA