John wrote this verse perhaps 50 years or longer after first meeting Jesus. Half a century of grace, washing constantly over him, had shaped him into a grace-filled Christian. He became aware that in Christ he had received grace upon grace, moment by moment. So can you. Every one of us receives waves of grace from God constantly. Most of us are not aware of them.

GraceWaves are weekly devotionals, designed to encourage you and help you become aware of the grace that God constantly washes over you. The weekly GraceWaves devotionals focus on scripture. GraceNotes is a blog, published occasionally, that focuses on the intersection of faith and life. You can sign up for the weekly GraceWaves and by doing so you will also receive notices of new postings in GraceNotes

I hope you visit the site regularly and read GraceWaves weekly. Also learn more about grace under the GraceLessons tab at the top of this page. Most importantly, watch throughout the day for the grace God sends your way.

Dr. Terry Ellis

Baton Rouge, LA