God Delights in You

“He brought me forth into a broad place; He delivered me because He delighted in me.” Psalm 18:19

I was blessed to grow up with parents who were positive, supportive, and encouraging. The words “I am proud of you” are one of their greatest legacies to me. I knew they loved me, and they showed it in a variety of very important ways. I knew they were very glad I was their son.

If you did not grow up with that kind of advantage then the concepts of grace and unconditional love will be harder for you to accept. One purpose of GraceWaves is to help you hear God’s words to you and help you trust in His boundless, joyful love. You can then draw closer to Him. Psalm 18:19 is one such verse.

David wrote this psalm after escaping repeated attacks from Saul and his armies. A man who could have been for David a mentor and encourager became an implacable enemy. Other psalms reflect David’s anguish during this very rough period in his life. David responded by seeking God even more and looking to Him for the support. God delivered Him.

The key phrase I want you to focus on this week concerns the reason God delivered David: “because He delighted in me.” This phrase is joyful and exuberant! God delighted in David!

And God delights in you. Let that sink in. He delights in you! Even though you may not have been programmed from your childhood to hear and accept such truth, or perhaps because you have suffered rejection in adulthood at the hands of people who were once very close to you, you must trust and believe that God delights in you. He knows you deeply and individually as if you were the only person to know. He is capable of that kind of sustained regard and focus on you. His verdict: “I take delight in you.” And for that reason He will deliver you.

At some point in life you have to accept reality, and nothing is more real than God’s love for you and His offer of grace. We all have something or someone that we allow to drag us down. You may have grown up with a parental hangover. Or you may be suffering the anguish of a broken marriage or ruptured relationships with your children. Don’t make the mistake of transferring those fears and frustrations to your view of God. He is not part of your problem. He is your solution. He is your deliverer.

God is for you right now as you read these words. Right now. The sacred present. You’re not going to get a better present by wishing for a different past. That past is unalterable. But your response to it can be transformed by accepting God’s grace. Today God delights in you.

So whatever you face, or whatever handicap you have in life, accept God’s rich love for you. Trust in it. Rely on it.


Dr. Terry Ellis
August 17, 2014