Reasonably Happy: How The Serenity Prayer Can Help You Stop Fighting, Accept Life, and Discover the Happiness God Created You For

Many of you have reached out to me over the last 9 months asking about GraceWaves. Thank you! As I told you, I was working on a book. I’m very pleased to announce that Reasonably Happy: How the Serenity Prayer Can Help You Stop Fighting, Accept Life, and Discover the Happiness God Created You For is now here and available!

I discovered the long version of the Serenity Prayer while in treatment for alcoholism. During the darkest time in my life God made sure I would find a prayer that would save my life and restore my soul. But The Prayer was not written only for people in recovery. It’s themes apply to anyone and invites everyone to a careful examination of the soul.

The Prayer is filled with extraordinarily deep theology but ends with a very practical promise that we can be reasonably happy in this life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Maybe instead of always aiming for cloud 9, which we seldom or never reach, we can discover that God is right there with us on cloud 4. In fact, He’s with us when there is no cloud at all. Make a few basic requests of God and a few profound commitments and you can discover how to be reasonably happy.

The Serenity Prayer is a powerful prayer. Reasonably Happy will guide you to understand it, look at the changes you can make in your life, and open your heart in deeper ways to God’s amazing grace and mighty providence.

Please click here or on the book image above to go to the Reasonably Happy landing page and learn more about the book, read excerpts, and order your copy.

If you are interested in having me come to your church, civic organization, or book club, I would be honored to do so. For my Mobile, AL friends I will be in Mobile Thursday December 9th (from 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm) and 10th (from 9:00 am – noon) at the VOA corporate offices at 1204 Hillcrest Road. I will also be signing books this coming Sunday morning (December 12) at FUMC Baton Rouge all morning in the gym. If you’re interested in hosting a book signing for your group please let me know.  I would be glad to do that.

God has given me a story and a calling to share it. You can help me do that. Thank you in advance.

I will be returning to regular (perhaps not weekly) GraceWaves posts. Please stay in touch and let me know of any way I can help or pray for you.

Grace and peace,

Dr Terry Ellis

December 8, 2021