Instantly and Permanently Loved

"To know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge." Ephesians 3:19

Emily Grace made her grand appearance Friday a week ago (January 18th). She is my granddaughter, my first grandchild. Like most any grandparent, I have plenty of pictures and plenty of stories. While some people might see it as poor taste to gush over one's own grandchild, I have to say that if you are of that opinion you can stop reading right now. I'm going to gush. Besides, this is my website.

Having been the father of two children prepared me very little for the roil of emotions I experienced when she was born. As a new dad I was nervous and felt slightly incidental to the whole process. This time around I had a profound sense of peace. Another generation arrived. For only the third time in my life, I looked at someone directly, biologically related to me.

Peace gave rise to joy. I honestly don't recall sensing joy at the birth of either of my children. It was a hectic time and, especially with Lauren (my first child) a time filled with uncertainty. I could not believe the medical staff at the hospital was allowing us to take a baby home.

With Emily Grace, however, I knew she would be coming home to her grandmother who is completely comfortable and proficient in caring for a child. Instead of being immersed in the whirlwind, I had a different perspective, one that perhaps comes with both experience and age. A new life arrived in the world. Life is so precious, God's first gift to us. It is good, very good. And that brings joy, a laughter of the soul.

Holding your first grandchild is overwhelming. It feels so right, and yes she is so beautiful! I love looking at her fingernails. She arrived with what appears to be a perfect manicure, tiny little nails on long skinny little fingers. That simple, miraculous perfection is repeated throughout her body, from the smallest, invisible cellular components to the little philtral columns of her lips (look it up). She is a testament to the Creator.

What has most impressed me throughout the last 10 days is watching my daughter become a mother. She read many books about caring for a baby and unblushingly critiqued our parenting prowess with her, but what amazes me is to watch her love this baby. Lauren is enraptured with Emily Grace, absolutely enthralled by her. Emily Grace arrived instantly and permanently loved by her mother.

The love for children is surely the most God-like love. It is not forced, calculated, or measured. From the earliest moments after her birth, Emily Grace was held by someone who is totally committed to her. My granddaughter and my daughter are a window into God's heart.

We are all home now and establishing new rhythms for the day. Frankly, I am surrounded by so much baby-girl cuteness I think I might spontaneously combust. But I am also wondrously reminded of a God who instantly and permanently loves each one of us.

By the way, in case you are wondering, Lauren told me that the middle name Grace was "because of GraceWaves." She has thus irrevocably secured her place in my will.


Dr. Terry Ellis (Granddaddy)

January 28, 2013

  1. I am so excited and happy for all of you. Not only will it be wonderful for you to see her grow and learn, she has come into a most wonderful family where she will be cared for and loved.

  2. Reverend Terry, the Tenderhearted – you get it now…all those years I've been gushing! It's good to finally be understood! ;0) I loved reading your remarks about your new granddaughter, Emily, and I'm so happy for all of you. By "Grace", you have been blessed and your lives will forever be changed. You'll wonder how you ever lived without her, and soon it will feel like she's been part of your family forever! I love you all so much and am thrilled to share in your joy. Love, 'nita