Join Me in Israel and Rome!

"Walk Where Jesus Walked"

Have you ever thought about taking a trip that could deepen your faith? I visited Israel years ago, but the warmth of the experience still stirs my soul.

I remember Bethlehem in particular. An ancient church marks the spot where tradition claims Jesus was born. The entrance is low, about four feet, so I bowed to leave the glaring streets and enter the cool shadows of the basilica. A faint smell of incense lingered and shafts of colored light through stain glass bathed the line of whispering worshipers. I entered the small area where a fourteen-point star marks the birthplace.

The skeptic in me was saying “This site wasn’t identified until Helena, Emperor Constantine’s mother, visited Bethlehem in the 4th century. There’s no way we can know for sure this was the spot.” But the faith in me answered “Perhaps this isn’t the spot, but you’re not far from it. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.”

At that moment the fact that God became man touched my heart and changed me forever.

For many years, I’ve been asked about leading a group to the Holy Land. I’ve always replied to such requests “I’ll do that some day!”

Earlier this year I decided that if I was going to do it I needed to do it! So I’ve partnered with my good friend Dr. Dwight Moody to form E & M Tours. Working with the Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies we’ve put together a tour of Israel ending with three days in Rome, May 26-June 10, 2018. My vision is to visit the birthplace of our Christian faith and then to see the glory of the city where the Church blossomed and gave rise to the church universal.

Dwight and I are committed to being your teachers and pastors on this trip. We’ll teach you about the places we’ll visit. We’ll also encourage you to have a transforming, spiritual experience. We aim for the mind and the heart!

Please contact me for more information. You can reply to this email. Or use You can call me at (225) 405-0797. I’ll be glad to send you a brochure.

You can also view information about our trip by going to In the box to the right labeled “I Know My Tour Information” enter the following information: In the “Tour” field enter JC18, in the “Departure Date” field enter 052618, in the field to the right enter x, and in the “Group Leader id #” enter 41969.

Making a pilgrimage is a big commitment, but if not now when? Let me be the catalyst for this significant spiritual experience in your life.


Dr. Terry Ellis